Innovation and Diversification are the Key

Staff member of Correos

Correos went through some significant changes in the last decade – from government department to a public limited company. What did this mean for the company?

Santiago Martín: For the company, the changes we have gone through mean that today the postal service is the best rated public service in Spain. And this rating shows that Correos has successfully updated its structures and expanded its services to meet market demands.

Actually, this transformation goes beyond legal and institutional changes. Correos is at present a public limited corporation subject to market rules. As such, its autonomy and scope of activity have expanded. It is an integral postal operator, guaranteeing a growing-quality UPS and competing with other operators. Moreover, Correos offers a full catalogue of postal products and services, both through its wide office and sorting offices network across Spain and through its Virtual Office, now the most significant access route to our services.

What changes are taking place in Correos today?

Santiago Martín: We make a point of moving forward. For example, it is our goal to provide increasingly dynamic postal service parallel with growing quality. So we are deploying new technologies, such as radio frequency identification for the control of postal items. In fact, we are continuously updating our processes, services and products.

What areas is Correos going to invest in?

Santiago Martín: We are heavily investing in training for our employees, so that they can respond to the changes in demand and increasing competition. Creating new products with the help of information technology will help us to bring our services closer to the citizens.

In addition, Correos will continue to support e-government with the implementation of a key project: the electronic P.O. Box. Citizens will have permanent electronic postal addresses that complement their physical addresses, so they can receive electronic mail from public and private issuers safely.

What is the vision of Correos for the coming years?

Santiago Martín: Postal services currently represent 90 percent of our revenues. Our challenge is to increase other lines of business – financial, parapostal, online or philatelic services – and to offer customized services. Our multi-service offices network – over 2,200 – is a model of such a diversification strategy. Finally, we are also going to give a strong boost to our parcel services and become a referential postal operator in transport logistics and delivery of electronic commerce.