Efficient Claim Adjustment Improves Customer Relations

SAP has developed this customer relationship management (CRM) solution to cope with the challenges of the insurance industry. The integrated, continuous processes enable:

  • Rapid settlement of claims
  • Comprehensive complaint management
  • Efficient guidance for discussions with customers
  • Improved customer relations at all points of contact (letter, fax, e-mail, SMS, telephone)
  • Cross-selling

Insurers can reduce their operating costs by integrating SAP Customer Service Management for Insurance into their existing business solutions, such as loss, brokerage, policy, and finance systems.

Customer data in real time

Everything depends on speed. The software automates manual processes, reducing the data entry errors and eliminating duplicate entries. Important customer data is available to all employees in real time, enabling speedier answers to requests.

For example, if a policyholder contacts a call center to file a claim, the person taking the call has immediate access to all of the relevant data on the customer and the contracts. An automated call flow takes the employee systematically through the discussion with the customer. The call center employee can collect all of the data relevant to the claim and start follow-up processes. This approach enables consistent information about the claim to be collected. The customer’s individual profile also provides cross-selling opportunities for informing the customer about other suitable products and offering discussions, for example about life insurance.

Efficient complaint management

Thanks to browser-based functions, all communications between the insurer and the customer are available at all times – from the first contact with the call center to the completed adjustment of the claim or the answer to a customer’s request.

The integrated, combined solution offers numerous methods for dealing with damage claims and complaints. Configurable categories also enable insurers to choose the structure for how they record the reasons for complaints.

Insight into customer behavior

Rapid and problem-free adjustment of claims is closely related to good customer relations. If policyholders have negative experiences when they have claims, they are likely to switch to a new insurer. SAP Customer Management Service for Insurance enables companies to address complaints quickly and systematically and identify the sources of problems and potential for improvement.

Predefined evaluations and reports provide insurers with an insight into their customers’ behavior. They can determine precisely what customers object to and take appropriate measures. For customer relationship and quality managers, the data helps not only to improve the quality of service but also to tailor products more closely to customers’ needs.

Technical requirements

With six month of preparation, the software can be implemented in any insurance company that meets the technical and legal requirements. They need to obtain licenses for the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application and have SAP CRM installed in a server landscape. One of the biggest technical challenges is designing the interface to the legacy systems with which SAP CRM is integrated.