The IT Specialists of Tomorrow

SAP University Alliances, Egypt (Foto: SAP AG) 2nd person on the left: Sergio Maccotta, managing director of SAP MENA (Middle East, North Africa)

With 13.8% growth in the 2006/07 fiscal year, the IT industry is booming in Egypt. The country’s IT sector is well positioned on the global stage. The Egyptian government’s goal is for the industry to earn more than U.S.$1 billion by 2011. This will require well trained IT specialists. Universities in Egypt have turned to SAP for support.

Hands-on training with SAP solutions

The SAP University Alliances program provides students at Cairo University, the Ain Shams University, and the German University in Cairo with access to the latest in SAP solutions and technologies. Working with the software itself, they learn how to tackle issues from the world of business with SAP solutions, giving them the practical skills they will need as process specialists in the future.

The Egyptian economy is becoming increasingly reliant on process specialists. “More and more companies are opting for new business models rather than new product lines to secure their competitive edge,” says Sergio Maccotta, managing director of SAP MENA (Middle East, North Africa). As a result, SAP software – and thus SAP expertise – is gaining a key role. “Over the next few years, IT will become crucial to companies’ competitiveness.”

A head start in the job market

The increasing demand for employees with hands-on experience is strongly influencing the teaching in universities. “The SAP University Alliances program helps meet the growing need for IT specialists and business experts in the region,” says Professor Ashraf Mansour, chairperson of the board of trustees of the German University in Cairo. “It is important and helpful to our students and graduates that they become familiar with the technologies and solutions before they enter the job market.”

The cooperation benefits everyone, but especially the universities and their graduates. Sergio Maccotta is convinced that learning about SAP at university gives students very good job prospects. And preparing young people for the world of work is precisely SAP’s aim.
The next generation of IT experts is vital to the future of emerging markets. “Our partnership with Cairo University, the Ain Shams University, and the German University in Cairo reflect our close ties with the Egyptian market,” adds Maccotta.

The SAP University Alliances Program

SAP University Alliances provides lecturers and students all over the world with access to the latest SAP technologies. The program is aimed at universities and vocational schools that wish to make SAP software an active part of their teaching.

University Competence Centers (UCCs) are responsible for operating and maintaining the SAP solutions, as well as providing technical support. SAP also offers training courses and learning materials.

More than 150,000 students at 700 universities worldwide use SAP solutions during their education.