Webcast Future Factory Initiative

Future Factory (Photo: SAP AG)

Experience the Future Factory Initiative live in this webcast. The joint effort of SAP Research with industrial and academic partner organizations fosters research and development for the manufacturing industry.

In this webcast, Dr. Jochen Rode (Development Architect, SAP), Jens Vollmann (Head of Sales, Alphacam) and Juraj Krenicky (Vice President, Kaba GmbH) speak about the fields of activity of the Future Factory Initiative:

  • The Future Factory Lab facilitates research and development in a living lab environment, providing an infrastructure for test, validation, and demonstration.
  • A Real-World Testbed shows leading edge software and latest hardware developments with different scenarios, products, and prototypes in a distributed manufacturing environment.
  • The Center of Excellence promotes communication between manufacturing experts within and outside of SAP. The goal is to exchange information and experiences as well as to define new challenging projects.

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