Better Market Performance for the Serbian Post


The Post introduced SAP in its financial, auditing, purchasing and investment management departments. Its goal was to complete a company-wide business transformation strategy to improve the quality of deliveries and raise sales.

PTT Communications Srbija has more than 15,000 employees and offers its products and services in 36 cities within Serbia. To meet the company’s complex and comprehensive requirements, existing applications were completely integrated into the SAP solution alongside the newly implemented SAP modules. In addition, the advisers from S&T ensured that every business unit can check its own payments, which keeps the postal system decentralized.

Increased efficiency and improved market performance: The project’s advantages included integrating clearly defined business processes, openness of the system, flexibility and improved internal processes for making decisions. The installation was completed in less than 18 months. Employees are particularly pleased that all of the data on income from postal services, which previously had to be entered by hand, are now collected automatically and made available in all parts of the information system.