One-Stop Shop for the Oil and Gas Industry

EBS solutions are partner solutions that complement the existing SAP product portfolio. OpenTAS is seamlessly integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Portal and SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure components of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. This integration enables end-to-end real-time reporting, from the tank to the final point of delivery.

The functions offered by the OpenTAS solution, such as automatic stock replenishment at service stations, optimally supplement the capabilities provided to the oil and gas industry by SAP solutions. Companies can standardize their IT landscapes and save on both IT and maintenance costs.

“SAP is continuing to expand its ecosystem by supporting solutions like OpenTAS from Implico. This allows SAP to extend its range of core applications,” says Isabella Groeger-Cechowicz, vice president of the Oil & Gas Industry Business Unit at SAP. “OpenTAS seamlessly integrates SAP for Oil & Gas and external terminal automation systems. Using OpenTAS with SAP applications, customers in the oil and gas industry can work more efficiently and in a more integrated manner.”