SAP Passes Inspection with Flying Colors

Hand-Over of Certification by TÜViT to the Project Team Michael Wiedemann, Günther Theiss, Stefan Krimmel (background), Antonius Sommer (TÜViT), Tim Steuer (background), Cay Rademann (background), Michael Zirkel, Werner Arlt (background), Herbert Schippers (TÜViT), Gerhard Oswald, Stefan Anders (Photos: SAP AG)

Who isn’t familiar with the queasy feeling when driving to the inspection service after just purchasing a used car or after souping up their engine? Owners may fear for not passing the car inspection but for most, it is relieving to know that they can drive off in confidence that their automobile fulfils high security standards testified by a neutral and professional body.

Users in the IT world may often feel the same uneasiness arise just before performing mission-critical upgrades or maintenance to their IT systems. In future, SAP customers will feel the same level of confidence while performing an upgrade or implementing new functionality and relying on SAP for implementation assistance.

To manage complex SAP environments is everything but easy. Administrators need to face tremendous challenges through the whole life cycle of their solution landscape. The central management tool SAP Solution Manager is devised to give customers assistance, particularly their service and support organizations.

Globally, systems are getting distributed across geographies, and business processes cover more than one system. It’s mostly customers in these complex scenarios that rely on this tool. However, a great number of customers still only use part of the functionality offered which leads to longer maintenance and implementation cycles of business solutions and therefore higher cost of ownership.

On the other hand, the administrators realize how important it is for the success of IT to be able to integrate technical and business requirements. According to an AMR Research study the expense of post go-live maintenance and support represents up to 80 percent of current operational budgets and up to 40 percent of total life-cycle costs. Companies must therefore carefully manage their enterprise applications throughout their long-term life cycle in order to squeeze costs and maximize business benefits.

Greater automation and standardization of the underlying operations processes can typically translate to a reduction in overall labor cost or higher operations team efficiency.

SAP is highlighting the importance and the high quality standards of the SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition by engaging one of Germany’s largest technical service providers, TÜV Nord Group, to certify the support processes of the SAP Solution Manager as “Trusted Process”. TÜViT, TÜV Informationstechnik, responsible for conducting the certification, offers certifications in the field of IT security and IT quality in accordance with European and international standards.

The evaluation focussed on the upgrade process of SAP Solution Manager (both tools and content), the quality standards and functional correctness of the processes involved as well as the security standards which include handling customer data and network security.

August 19, 2008, Gerhard Oswald, member of the SAP Executive Board, was presented the official certification by Antonius Sommer, managing director of TÜV Informationstechnik. According to the certification the processes supported by SAP Solution Manager fulfil all requirements to be determined a “TÜViT Trusted Process”.

“As a provider of trust for quality and security, we focus on assessing, testing, and certifying any kind of IT products, IT systems, and IT processes as well as the IT management that has to be compliant to specific requirements,” Sommer said at the ceremony. “By engaging a neutral third party, vendors can confidently show that they have taken great care in offering their customers trusted and secure processes.”

Antonius Sommer, managing director of TÜViT, and Gerhard Oswald, member of the SAP Executive Board

Gerhard Oswald, who is also responsible for the areas of global service and support, explained the significance of this certification for customers from his perspective. “The successful certification of SAP Solution Manager as a “Trusted Process” means nothing else that we have done our homework in ensuring high quality and security standards for customers. TÜViT has recognized that the customer has full ownership of the Lifecycle Management including control of the content delivered and Change Management.”

The processes evaluated and supported by SAP Solution Manager include Incident Management, Problem Management, Business Process and Interface Monitoring, Early Watch Alert, Change Request Management, and Delivery of SAP Support Services.

Using the SAP Solution Manager customers receive an efficient means of handling both the technical and business process side of solution implementation. Serving as a dashboard, SAP Solution Manger provides tools, integrated content, services, and best practices enabling companies to increase software reliability and enhance technical support for all aspects of their deployments by gaining optimal governance, control, and traceability of the entire maintenance management process.

This centralized platform helps customers implement, operate, and monitor applications with optimal visibility across the entire SAP landscape contributing to significantly lowering the cost of implementing and running their applications. In addition to improving service processes for existing installations, the SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition is designed to support the changing service needs of customers as they migrate to enterprise service-oriented architecture.

The solution is available free of charge to customers who have licensed SAP Business Suite applications.