SAP Research Brisbane Partners with Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) on Smart Services

Partnering with the Smart Services CRC, SAP Research Brisbane will work to develop the next generation of Web services applications, the “Internet of Services”. It is currently spearheading international research in this area, leveraging expertise from 14 research locations around the globe and from a German sister initiative entitled THESEUS.

Speaking at the launch event, Lutz Heuser said: “I see the Smart Services CRC and the excellence of our research center in Brisbane from an international perspective. The shift towards a Web-based service economy is a global one, and Australia can make a real difference in where this trend will be leading.”

Bringing the Internet of Services to life

SAP Research Brisbane is currently partnering with Queensland universities and businesses, and with other commercial organizations and government institutions from around the country on a total of five projects. One of these is a One-Stop Personalized Financial Services prototype that is being jointly developed by SAP, Suncorp (a large Australian bank and insurance company), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and RMIT University in Melbourne. This prototype will provide consumers with individual financial forecasting, planning, and modeling services over the Web.

Commenting on the new partnership, Karsten Schulz, head of SAP Research CEC Brisbane, said, “The Smart Services CRC aims to accelerate Australia’s transition into a globally competitive services economy. It will play a key role in bringing our vision for the Internet of Services to life and will lead the way in establishing industry best practice. The mix of partners available to us in Queensland, including universities, government agencies, and local and multinational industries, puts us in a prime position to achieve results that will have an impact on Australia and beyond.”