Focus on the DSAG Work Group Logistics Service Providers

In recent years, an increasing number of logistics service providers have chosen to use SAP solutions. One consequence of this development has been the establishment of the DSAG work group Logistics Service Providers within the Supply Chain Management special interest group.

The work group is tackling the issue of how to improve the usability of SAP solutions in the logistics sector. The group’s findings will be communicated to the relevant SAP development organizations, where they will help fine-tune the current version 7.0 of SAP TM and also be incorporated in the forthcoming version 8.0. The main request so far has been to bring the information and transactions required by planners together in one interface.

Werner Habryka, group director of IT at the Fiege Group and spokesman for the work group, is pleased with the results so far. “The DSAG’s activities benefit both SAP and the member companies,” he said. “SAP saves on development, and we get a product that precisely meets our requirements.”

The work group is also focusing on integrating SAP TM and SAP EWM – both of which are solutions tailored to the needs of logistics service providers – in the overall SAP product portfolio. The seamless integration of the applications with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) and/or the solutions from Business Objects would significantly help decision-makers at logistics service providers.

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