SAP Customer Magazine about Information Security

You can look forward to a number of other interesting articles in our October issue:

Compass: Strategies, Ideas, Trends

Strong in competition: Proper use of IT gives companies an edge.

Cloud computing: What is behind this exciting development?

Special: Information Security

Guarding against data theft: In the face of serious threats, prevention is possible. A background report.

Security and risk: An interview with SAP chief security officer Michael Hartmann on security policies within companies.

Safe testing: Companies can use fabricated data records to implement or enhance their human resource systems, thereby safeguarding confidentiality.

Challenge: Opportunities, Solutions, Innovations

Whole-hearted service: Wholesaler Border States sharpens its focus on customers with
SAP software.

High user acceptance: For optical specialist Carl Zeiss, user buy-in of its new e-procurement software was especially important.

Interview: SAP Executive Board member Bob Stutz talks about new markets, dialog, Business Objects, and quality.

Security through transparency: The role of the auditor is increasing in importance due to globalization and the virtual working world.

Cosmos: People, Markets, Community

Time as a service factor: Fastener specialist Reyher demonstrates the opportunities provided by integrating customers and suppliers.

Portrait: Hans-Peter Klaey, global head of SME at SAP, on change, promises, and his passion for the SME market.

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