SAP’s Security Network Merges with the Association for SAP Partners IA4SP

“The integration of SAP’s central security network is testimony to the great trust that SAP places in our work,” says IA4SP chairperson Franz Baljer, from T-Systems, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. “It fosters our endeavors to offer SAP partner companies a comprehensive platform for aligning and representing their common interests.”

Since 2004, the GSA has served as a platform for its member companies to exchange information and expertise. It also provides users with a single point of reference for all security-related questions about SAP solutions.

“System security has always played a key role in the SAP market. That’s why we have a great interest in continuing the GSA’s activities successfully,” explains Sachar Paulus, security consultant and honorary professor of security management at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. “The IA4SP provides an ideal framework for this. SAP will continue to support the new security working group in any way possible.”

The security working group within the IA4SP will continue to address the burning question of IT security and take the lead in important new developments. “Our goal is to advise customers in their implementation of secure system environments – including those in open service-oriented architectures,” says Mario Linkies of Secude Global Consulting.