Announcing BusinessObjects XI 3.1 from Business Objects

Thanks to native support for 64-bit architecture, the new BI platform is extremely fast. It is now much easier for people to find relevant data. Depending on the roles they have been assigned, all the employees in a company have better and faster access to all the information they need.

BusinessObjects XI 3.1 integrates many sources, including Oracle enterprise applications and databases. The platform caters to the needs of companies that work with heterogeneous IT landscapes comprising different applications, databases, operating systems, and hardware. Furthermore, it is the first – and only – BI platform with an integrated text analysis function. This means that information from unstructured sources – such as the Internet or e-mail – can now be included in information analysis and decision-making processes. Using many different BI functions, information can be analyzed quickly and intelligently. But that’s not all: It can also be integrated directly with business processes.

“Our research into factors that lead to pervasive use of business intelligence suggests that providing self-service access to all available, relevant information, which can originate in different internal or external systems, is key to BI diffusion,” says Dan Vasset, program vice president, IDC. “Organizations should include in their BI software evaluation processes solutions that provide end-user access through multiple query, reporting, and analysis tools, and at the same time support functionality for structured data and unstructured content integration from multiple sources.”

BusinessObjects XI 3.1 provides connectivity to the data warehouse solutions of HP Neoview, Netezza, and Teradata. The solution also integrates with Microsoft platform components such as Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, as well as Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

“With the launch of the previous version – BusinessObjects XI 3.0 – earlier this year, we delivered the industry’s first intelligence platform,” says Marge Breya, executive vice president and general manager, business intelligence platform, Business Objects. “The enhancements in this new version show continued execution against our roadmap and demonstrate that we are open to any application, infrastructure, or data source. Our customers can eliminate ‘knowledge shadows’ in their organizations by giving more people broader access to the information they need to get their jobs done.”

Combined with BusinessObjects Voyager software, BusinessObjects XI 3.1 offers new options for visualizing analysis results, making it easier for decision makers, analysts, and process owners to glean the information they need from rich and complex data. BusinessObjects Voyager aggregates transactional data from OLAP back ends and presents it within graphical interfaces. With the help of different types of diagrams, users can analyze, slice, dice, and visualize sales data by region, product, account executive, and time period.