SAP Business ByDesign Work Group Founded

With the founding of the SAP Business ByDesign work group, DSAG is increasing its commitment to the midmarket. Customers of the SAP solution for small businesses and midsize companies now have a platform to share experience and to influence future versions of the software. To ensure that the feedback is ultimately incorporated into software development, SAP has designated a contact from product management to work with the group.

“With the SAP Business ByDesign work group, DSAG provides a structured channel to SAP. The group addresses high priority requirements so that solutions can be found as quickly as possible in cooperation with SAP,” says Dr. Gunther Reinhard, member of the DSAG board of directors and responsible for the midmarket. DSAG aims to help bring the product to maturity as fast as possible.

The concept has been well received by SAP customers. Above all, they value the contact to other companies and the representation of their interests to SAP. Around 20 representatives from companies that are already using SAP Business ByDesign were present at the founding event in September.

The work group’s next meeting is scheduled for February 2009. Until then, the members will discuss various topics and issues in WebEx sessions. On the agenda so far are the SAP Business ByDesign road map, customer stories, and the bundling of requirements.