A Guide to the SAP Ecosystem

The SAP ecosystem is one of the world’s largest and most important markets for software providers. Today, SAP has more than 44,000 customers in over 120 countries and plans to increase that to 100,000 by 2010.

More than 3,800 SAP partners will play a key role in this growth, but more companies are needed to expand the company’s ecosystem. This presents software providers with an excellent opportunity to expand their own businesses.

Which is the most appropriate partner model?

To support this expansion, SAP has established various programs and a supporting global organization. But which SAP partner model is best suited to each individual software provider? And which processes and requirements require special attention?

“Partnering with SAP, Vol. 1” provides an overview of SAP’s different partner models, such as Resell and OEM (involving the sale of partner solutions through SAP) and Revenue and Referral (in which SAP recommends the use of partner solutions). The book also offers information on certification, software development cooperations, and the Enterprise Service Community.

Practical expertise for strategy development

The book’s author is Ralf Meyer, Managing Director of the corporate consulting company Synomic. Based on his years of work at both SAP and its partners, Meyer combines his extensive theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences. Readers can look forward to advice on how to effectively plan and realize their partnerships with SAP. Further topics include value chains, SAP’s growth strategy, and the company’s role in the software industry.

“Partnering with SAP, Vol. 1” is currently available in English through book retailers (ISBN: 978-3837060553).

Synomic GmbH
Synomic is a corporate consulting company that focuses on the SAP ecosystem. Founded in 2006 at the SAP Partner Port in Walldorf, Germany, the company now advises software companies and SAP partners on the subjects of alliance management, and business and corporate development.