Hästens Boosts Customer Service

Hästens Runs SAP Swedish hand-crafted bed maker and retailer Hästens deploys SAP solutions to streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction and expand into new markets.

One of the main goals of this leading luxury bed manufacturer is to meet the high service demands of its customers. To do so, Hästens relies on the business applications SAP ERP and SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), as well as the enhancement package SAP Best Practices for Business Intelligence.

Thanks to the analytical functions of the SAP applications, managers in the company’s branches and departments can call up the status of any order – from initial order to delivery – in real time. A service-oriented company, Hästens also benefits from the advantage of being able to support customers: All salespeople at the company’s 330 branches across 28 countries and regions can now access current information on orders at any time.

Hästens’ SAP implementations have also helped reduce warehouse inventories and external goods transport container useage by over 60 percent. The SAP software has also improved the company’s quality control efforts, as well as the accuracy of its inventory. All of this has put Hästens in an optimal position to profit from increasing growth rates in the international retail and manufacturing industries.