New Software for SAP and IBM Customers

Set for release in March 2009, Alloy will give thousands of SAP and IBM customers the opportunity to capitalize on their existing software investment. Alloy is a new style of software application that presents information and data from SAP applications in a context already familiar to millions of business users – the IBM Lotus Notes collaboration software desktop.

Acting like a virtual business hub, Alloy brings together people, processes and information in one place—and crucially—at one time. Users can access, process, and share real-time SAP information, all within the Lotus Notes environment.

Workflow that flows

SAP Business Suite is a comprehensive family of adaptive business applications, providing best-in-class functionality built for complete integration, industry-specific capability, unlimited scalability and easy collaboration over the Internet. Individually, SAP Business Suite applications help customers manage their most critical business processes. Collectively, they form a tightly integrated suite that adds value to every facet of large and small organizations, including banks, hospitals, retail establishments, government agencies and a variety of other businesses, and their external value chains.

Instead of switching between applications and interfaces, Alloy allows users to perform key functions and keep in touch with co-workers directly from their Lotus Notes desktops – without disrupting workflow.

For example, Alloy acts as a single point of access to reports from SAP Business Suite. Employees can execute and subscribe to reports securely, receive reports via their Lotus Notes e-mail, as well as personalizing and scheduling these reports.

Alloy also simplifies the often complex leave management system. Leave requests are submitted and approved via the Lotus Notes calendar. Decision-making is supported by access to essential data such as annual vacation entitlement or aggregated employee information.

Increased productivity

Travel management works in the same way with submission and approval of travel requests in Lotus Notes supported by up-to-date information on corporate policies. Employees can adhere more easily to processes, follow workflows, and act on essential information, increasing productivity and mitigating risk.

With standard configuration, customers can integrate decision steps from any SAP business process, such as recruitment decisions like hiring or end-of-probation approval. This streamlining of business processes and ease of information helps employees to make more informed decisions and go about their daily tasks with greater speed and efficiency. Alloy can also be customized using IBM Lotus Domino Designer, LotusScript and SAP tools to support business processes unique to an organisation.

The recent IBM Lotusphere conference saw a number of customers showcase successful trials of Alloy. Tom Greene, CIO of Colgate-Palmolive, commented, “We expect the new Alloy software from IBM and SAP to help us drive down IT management costs and boost productivity by allowing employees easy access to SAP reports, procurement data and product lifecycle management tools directly from their Lotus Notes e-mail.”