SAP Spectrum – Special Latin America

You can look forward to a number of other interesting articles in our January/February issue:

Compass: Strategies, Ideas, Trends

Surviving the Recession: Why cutting back on IT investments during an economic crisis is not advisable

Business Aliances: Increasing collaboration means a new role for finance

Special: Latin America

Region of Entrepreneurs: Latin America faces the economic slowdown with key strengths

Rodolpho Cardenuto: On business priorities and goals

Best Practices for SMEs: How SAP helps small and midsize enterprises

SMEs in Latin America: From one-person company to best-run business

Keeping the boom booming: Software saves Alfagres money

Challenge: Opportunities, Solutions, Innovations

New Beginnings: Pentagon Chemicals gains control of reporting systems

Let’s Talk Business: CEO Peter Gérard reveals where IDS Scheer is heading

Ritter Sport: SAP applications help ensure sweet success for the chocolate company

Cosmos: People, Markets, Community

Going glocal: Experts look at how best to approach global business

Spotlight on Information: Don Whittington talks about the value of exchanging information and why people make all the difference

Portrait: Whether business processes or lofty skies: Uwe Herold, SAP CIO and avid hobby pilot, is at home in both