Competence Center Covers Virtualization of SAP Solutions

At the VCC for SAP solutions, HP experts stand ready to providehelp customers with advice, or work with them and work with customers on to developing solutions tailored to their individual SAP implementations – all while focusing, of course, on achieving the greatest possible benefit.

The demo pool of the VCC features implementations of the virtualization solutions that customers with SAP infrastructures currently prefer. These include:

  • HP Virtual Infrastructure for SAP (VIS), based on HP Storage Essentials and SAP’s Adaptive Computing Controller Tool
  • HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE)
  • HP PolyServe
  • Solutions from VMware, Microsoft (Hyper-V), Novell and RedHat (XEN)

The scenarios the VCC creates address various topics in virtualization, forming a basis for providing information and making decisions or recommendations. There are six user cases of application: consolidation, high availability, disaster tolerance, flexibility, automation, development, and management.

In its virtualization projects, the VCC implements tools such as the SAPS Meter Web Service, which enables it to measure and analyze the resource consumption of SAP systems in a fully virtualized SAP environment. Companies can then attributelist each SAP solution’s individual consumption and their actual consumption to the individual SAP solutions they use and perform corresponding calculations.

Users can also break down dependencies between various key performance indicators (KPIs) for use in trend analysis.