Ready for Anything

SAP BUSINESS SUITE 7 RETAIL DEMO See how SAP Business Suite 7 helps targeting profitable customers in a difficult economy.

The latest edition of SAP Business Suite heralds a new generation in the Business Suite family. The more modular set of solutions aims to give customers what they want when they want it. Organizations can implement the suite incrementally to address critical pain points – at their own pace and without costly upgrades. Tighter integration of business processes across industries and applications adds value, while new diagnostic capabilities provide a sound basis for decision-making.

Open for business

The new SAP Business Suite is the culmination of close co-operation between SAP and its customers. The result is a more open, adaptive, and service-oriented environment, where customers can align business and IT more quickly and collaboratively. The new suite includes all of the latest releases of SAP’s core applications

  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)
  • SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)
  • SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)
  • SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)

as well as the most recent industry applications.

The latest version brings with it more than 150 new functional innovations, allowing customers to enhance and adapt their business processes to suit their needs. Value scenarios cross departmental, application and company boundaries, adding value in one consistent and integrated process. For example, Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning gives companies simultaneous access to supply chain and sales information from suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers to improve operations.

Operational efficiency is also the focus of the suite’s extensive industry coverage. The new version offers best practices for a total of 24 industries – ranging from retail and banking to high-tech and oil and gas. Easy access to industry-specific processes helps customers to reduce costs and reap benefits more quickly, while leaving scope to run their business across multiple industries and value chains.

Start small, think big

Doing business in a volatile market is a tricky balancing act. Companies need to consolidate their IT landscapes to reduce costs, but at the same time scale their operations for growth. The latest version of SAP Business Suite comes ready prepared with a series of enhancement packages that offer new functionality until 2013 – without the need to upgrade. Leaving behind the all-or-nothing approach of traditional upgrades, customers can now pick and mix functionality, implementing individual applications according to their budget and scope – without disrupting the flow of their business.

This selective approach means only the relevant business areas are affected, driving value while safeguarding operations – a crucial consideration in the current environment. The integration of packaged offerings from SAP’s Best-Run Now initiative also focuses on bolstering business in tough economic conditions. In a variety of configurations, the packages combine software, services and special financing terms to optimize operations and address urgent business needs.

For added peace of mind, the latest version of SAP Business Suite comes with an extended maintenance strategy to ensure smooth operations. SAP Solution Manager plays its part, helping to accelerate customer implementation efforts and reduce running costs. The new suite also offers a harmonized user interface, presenting business information across all applications in one version – keeping employees company-wide literally on the same page.

Flexible and future-proof

The new edition of SAP Business Suite certainly helps businesses shore up for economic downturn but it also allows for the inevitable upturn, giving organizations the flexibility and insight to look to the future and prepare for growth. In addition to the continuous innovation of the suite’s enhancement packages, business process management tools put customers in charge of their own development, designing tailored processes and responding quickly to changing business requirements.

An open service-oriented architecture (SOA) takes business agility to the next level. Fully SOA-enabled, SAP Business Suite 7 supports business process flexibility with more than 2,800 enterprise services for all industries. Select embedded analytical tools from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio give greater business insight and control, delivering critical analysis on strategic and tactical decisions. Closing the loop between strategic decision-making and action on the ground empowers employees to make faster, and more importantly, better decisions.

Over 250 SAP customers are already implementing the latest version of the SAP Business Suite software, which went into ramp-up in the last quarter of 2008. “SAP Business Suite 7 offers us powerful, differentiated industry-specific functionality and support for business processes, which furthers our strategy of IBM as a globally integrated enterprise by linking process excellence with our infrastructure capabilities,” said John Leffler, Global SAP Practices Leader, IBM Global Business Services.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with SAP as mutual customers and partners. The combined efforts of SAP and IBM deliver superior value to our joint customers and we are looking forward to even more collaboration as companies continue to adopt and utilize the new SAP Business Suite 7.”