A New Online Portal: The SAP University Alliances Community

In connecting universities and students with the 1.5 million-strong SAP online community, the SAP University Alliances knowledge portal focuses in particular on:

  • Facilitating collaboration between students and professors
  • Linking higher-education institutions with users, partners, and business areas of SAP’s partner network
  • Imparting practically oriented IT skills and entrepreneurial reasoning to students to complement the existing SAP University Alliances program
  • Providing space for posting and searching through job advertisements
  • Improving career perspectives by working with companies in a variety of fields

SAP community networks such as the SAP Developer Network (SDN), Business Process Expert (BPX) community, and the SAP BusinessObjects community served as the technological model for the new portal.

“Regardless of whether they participate in the SAP University Alliances program, professors and students from all universities now have access to a network focused on the development and use of information technology within companies,” says SAP co-CEO Léo Apotheker.

Improving education through networking

The new portal is a virtual university campus of sorts, with a library, student union, job postings board, faculties, classrooms, and other university facilities. The curriculum on offer includes interactive elements such as lectures, case studies, exercises, demos, videos, forums, and blogs.

“This innovative education program is intended to increase the number of qualified IT specialists the world now so urgently needs. The new challenges the global economy is facing are placing even more emphasis on the importance of well-trained young employees,” says Dr. Pierre-Majorique Léger, professor of IT at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Montréal, Canada, and one of the moderators of the SAP University Alliances portal.

The SAP University Alliances program (UA) promotes practically oriented, forward-thinking education by providing teachers and students all over the world access to the latest SAP technologies. The program focuses on higher-education institutions and vocational schools seeking to actively integrate SAP software into their curriculum. Around 170,000 students at over 800 institutions worldwide benefit from SAP University Alliances.