Partner Network in Northern Europe


The SAP University Alliances program currently works with more than 900 universities, colleges, and technical institutes in more than 30 countries. Through the planned cooperation with the SANTE Academy and the Swedish SAP User Group SAPSA, SAP is extending considerably its partner network in Northern Europe.

Universities in Sweden involved in the cooperation

  1. Gothenburg
  2. Lund
  3. Umeå
  4. Chalmers
  5. Stockholm
  6. Växjö
  7. West
  8. Kristianstad
  9. Swedish Royal Institute of Technology

As of summer 2009, students at nine of Sweden’s largest universities will be able to work with SAP software, and learn how to implement it. They will also have access to a global network of universities using SAP software in their curricula. Business administration and computer science students will benefit in particular from the close cooperation between SAP, SAPSA and the SANTE Academy. Bundled IT expertise, the use of sophisticated software, and detailed business knowledge should give students the skills required in today’s economy.

“As a market leader we have a responsibility to ensure that our customers can find employees with both baseline and high-value SAP competencies. In addition to access to SAP business systems, our industry and product specialists will support students in the optimal execution of software implementation, and offer access to SAP University Alliances resources that will contribute enormously to the students’ educational experience,” said Mattias Bolander, Country Manager SME at SAP Sweden.

Per Högberg of SAPSA is also convinced that the students’ SAP knowledge positively influence all market participants in Sweden in the long run. The shortage of SAP knowledge is currently an important issue for the 120 or so user group members.