The Ticker for January and February 2009

March 2, 2009: ORGA Professional Services Obtains SAP Qualification

In developing ORGA Professional Services, ORGA drew from the fields of information technology and consulting to create an industry solution that optimizes business processes in a simple, cost-effective way. The IT specialist company has now seen its efforts rewarded, receiving its SAP qualification certificate for the solution at CeBIT. According to ORGA, the preconfigured businesses processes included in its industry solution are based on SAP ERP and SAP Best Practices and are specifically tailored to the needs of their respective target groups.

February 27, 2009: VIP is Only Authorized Education Partner in Colorado

Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP), a globally operating technology company, is now an authorized education partner for SAP BusinessObjects solutions. This gives VIP the ability to offer official curriculum courses on SAP BusinessObjects in its public training facility in Denver, Colorado, as well as onsite classes at customer locations. VIP is one of only a handful of education partners authorized to teach these classes in the western half of the U.S.

February 26, 2009: All for One Midmarket Expands Its Cooperation with HighQ IT

New and flexible service packages and closer integration of application support and IT operations are to be the focus of the extended collaborative efforts between All for One Midmarket and HighQ IT, the European ERP consulting unit of the global IT service provider Perot Systems. These efforts have already resulted in the single largest sales order from All for One Midmarket’s partner sales and distribution: the license volume alone for its recently acquired two-year SAP project with the pipe technology specialist Rothenberger amounts to €800,000.

February 25, 2009: Costa Rican Government Banks on SAP

BearingPoint, Inc., one of the world’s largest management and technology consulting firms, has deployed the first phase of a new tax and revenue management system for the Costa Rican government in cooperation with SAP and the support of the Costa Rican Ministry of Finance. The new system, supported by SAP Tax and Revenue Management for Public Sector, provides the Costa Rican government and its taxpayers with an integrated view of tax records. It also streamlines the ability to process tax returns and payments, and allows taxpayers to communicate with the Dirección General de Tributación (the Costa Rican tax authority) via an integrated Web portal.

February 24, 2009: REALTECH Meet the Experts Breakfast Sessions on SAP Solution Manager

Offering a mix of presentations and discussions designed to facilitate rapid, yet well-founded knowledge transfer, REALTECH has kicked off a new series of free events in Germany. The goal of these events is to advise managers dealing with SAP or IT in any industry on how to best utilize SAP Solution Manager. REALTECH Meet the Experts Breakfast Sessions are scheduled as follows: March 17, Berlin; March 18, Düsseldorf; March 24, Stuttgart; March 25, Munich; June 16, Hanover; June 17, Dortmund; June 23, Frankfurt am Main; June 24, Nuremberg. Additional information and a detailed agenda are available (in German) at

February 16, 2009: CWI Group Cooperating with All for One Midmarket

As part of its “All for One Business Partners” cooperation model, All for One Midmarket concluded a partnership agreement with the CWI Group of Straubing, Germany. Focusing on comprehensive solutions for small businesses and midsize companies in the fields of industry and trade in eastern Bavaria, CWI is one of the most successful Sage partners in Germany. The group has garnered recognition several times as Sage Partner of the Year and through its Sage Solution Center qualification.

February 11, 2009: Fujitsu Siemens Computers Offers Fast-Start Package

To make it easier for its sales and distribution partners and business customers to enter the world of SAP, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has aligned itself with the fast-start program for SAP Business All-in-One. This program simplifies project calculations for Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ partners and their customers.

Specialist providers can now configure their customers’ ideal solutions online and immediately calculate the corresponding costs. Meanwhile, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has begun preinstalling SAP Business All-in-One on its PRIMERGY servers. For sales and distribution partners and specialist providers, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and SAP are offering free training courses on the fast-start program. To register or request more information, simply e-mail

February 10, 2009: ebXGlobal, a New Software Package from Hanse Orga

Hanse Orga’s ebXGlobal is a new software package offering extensive functionality for bank communications and full integration with SAP standard software. Key to the package is its ability to combine transparent monitoring of payment transactions and the entire account-statement process with substantial cash-management functions.

February 9, 2009: Monitoring with ExpertTracer 4 SAP from Servicetrace

With ExpertTracer 4 SAP, the software company Servicetrace has developed a monitoring instrument that is easy to implement, yet suitable for a variety of uses. Companies can use the tool to gather all pertinent information on real user transactions, user locations, and the status of SAP ERP systems and process it for service level reports, alerts, or accounting. The process of implementing ExpertTracer 4 SAP only involves creating a user and password in the SAP ERP system in question; it requires no customizing and is ready to use within minutes.

February 6, 2009: NetApp SnapManager 3.0 for SAP Solutions

The latest version of NetApp SnapManager is certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) based on SAP backup and restore tools. As a result, customers can further improve the automation of their SAP data management, align processes more efficiently, and increase their data security. Thanks to NetApp SnapManager’s integration with NetApp Protection Manager, they can also generate data security guidelines to simplify and standardize SAP backups.

SnapManager 3.0 for SAP solutions uses NetApp SnapRestore and Snapshot technology, which enables SAP customers to seamlessly restore their databases in seconds rather than hours and profit from the resulting increase in data availability. In addition, test and development processes for SAP applications benefit from SnapManager’s integration with NetApp FlexClone technology.

With SnapManager, customers can now create and begin working with system copies on primary or secondary storage devices in a matter of minutes. As a result, SAP solutions are ready for use much quicker; and the time required for upgrades and maintenance work is reduced. SnapManager also automates the execution of individual scripts both before and after the cloning process. Join the NetApp discussion community at

February 6, 2009: BTC Leads Communities into the Age of Double-Entry Accounting

With the help of Business Technology Consulting (BTC) and its preconfigured SAP Business All-in-One industry solution BTC.KOM, the communities of Stolberg, Bünde, and Bensheim and the district of Rhein-Pfalz have made the transition to double-entry municipal accounting. This public-sector solution was compelling in its extensibility and integrability, as well as its new additional options for analysis and online communications between citizens and their city’s administration.

February 5, 2009: SNP Client Carrier 9.01 Offers SAP Upgrades with Virtually No Downtime

Companies now no longer need to be without their SAP systems, even during release upgrades. With version 9.01 of SNP Client Carrier, SNP, a company specializing in SAP change management, has introduced even more ways to upgrade even the biggest SAP applications quickly, securely, and with virtually no system downtime – including Unicode conversion in a single step. SNP Client Carrier constitutes the core of the SNP system landscape optimization (SLO) method of carrying out SAP upgrades.

SNP Client Carrier makes it possible to keep SAP system upgrades and migrations of business data separate during the realization of such projects. It oversees and controls data transfers between SAP ERP systems regardless of the releases involved, automatically converting data in the process.

With SNP Client Carrier, the SNP SLO method has already aided a number of organizations – including the city hospitals of Stuttgart, Germany – in successfully upgrading their systems with nearly zero downtime. In addition, this migration tool is suited to IT providers that offer their customers SAP upgrades as a service.

February 5, 2009: itelligence Goes for Speed at Jochen Schweizer

What a rush: In fewer than 100 days, itelligence implemented its tailored solution for small businesses and midsize companies, it.compact service, at Jochen Schweizer. An agency that annually sells approximately 300,000 gift certificates for the 600 exotic experiences it offers in Europe, Jochen Schweizer was able to begin using its special gift-certificate processing system and other new elements after a near-record-breaking 98 days. Its employees can use the system to assign event partners in separate transactions and automatically inform them of redeemed gift certificates (including partner data) by e-mail.

February 4, 2009: cormeta Improves Support with SAP Solution Manager

Ettlingen, Germany-based cormeta was one of the first SAP Channel Partners to begin providing support with the help of SAP Solution Manager. An industry software provider for companies involved in food products, technical trade and wholesale, and utilities, cormeta uses SAP Solution Manager to monitor its customers’ messages. Users can report an incident using the software’s integrated service desk, from which the message submitted proceeds through predefined escalation levels. The message also contains technical information to make troubleshooting easier.

February 3, 2009: SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)

At LogiMAT 2009, SALT Solutions GmbH presented a live demonstration of the new SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM). Developed along with SAP Germany and the University of Leipzig, the showcase gave those in attendance the chance to test the functions of SAP TM and discuss the system with experts.

A transportation and freight-cost management system fully integrated with the SAP software environment, SAP TM handles shipping and freight inquiries and facilitates automated shipment consolidation and optimization. The solution’s global route and transport planning features can accommodate geocoding, and its optimization functions take into account train and flight schedules, capacities, resources, and deadline requirements.

Shipping agents will be pleased by how SAP TM rule-based contract administration and corresponding specific conditions and transport processing restrictions make cost management easier. Meanwhile, companies can use SAP TM to integrate logistics service providers efficiently into their supply chains. Rounding out the package are an integrated financial system and calculations that account for agreements with customers and shipping companies.

February 3, 2009: German Armed Forces Commit to ARIS from IDS Scheer

A major order for IDS Scheer: As part of their efforts to modernize their organization and information technology, the German Armed Forces recently renewed their general license for ARIS. In the years ahead, the military will gradually begin using the ARIS platform’s new Java-based components for mapping and optimizing internal processes while implementing SAP software.

The goals of the planned modernization include transparent, optimized processes; shorter runtimes and decision-making channels; and reduced costs in IT operations and maintenance. To align the software and IT in their technical information systems in a forward-thinking, industry-specific manner, the German Armed Forces are engaged in efforts such as the SASPF project (which involves the renovation of technical information systems in logistics, personnel, accounting, controlling, equipment, and so on) and implementing SAP standard with a focus on processes.

February 2, 2009: Dual Management for Freudenberg IT’s European Business

Freudenberg IT (FIT) has brought in Uwe Ripprich to augment its management team. As general manager for Europe, he now directs the company’s European business along with Ekkehard Spieth. Ripprich’s tasks will include expanding FIT’s European branches and overseeing solution consulting for SAP and MES.

Ripprich brings with him a degree in economics and over 20 years of experience in the field of SAP, having held positions such as vice president of customer engagement for the EMEA region at SAP Hosting AG & Co. KG in St. Leon-Rot, Germany.

January 27, 2009: Weber-Hydraulik Chooses SAP Industry Solution for Automotive

Undaunted by the crisis afflicting the automotive industry, Weber-Hydraulik of Güglingen, Germany, commissioned All for One Midmarket to carry out a company-wide SAP implementation. This hydraulics specialist and its 1,100 employees in Germany, Austria, and Poland achieved revenues of around €200 million in 2008.

Key of Weber-Hydraulik’s implementation is the SAP-based industry solution SAP Business All-in-One for Automotive, which All for One Midmarket is implementing at the company along with select add-ons. These include precise monitoring of packing requirements, delivery quantities, and means of transport.

January 27, 2009: Ansbach University of Applied Sciences Collaborates with maihiro GmbH

Real-world training in SAP environments: The corporate consultancy maihiro and the operational applications department within the management information systems program at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences have agreed to a three-year cooperation set to begin immediately. Their goal is to promote the topic of customer relationship management (CRM) within the university’s “Business Applications with SAP” major.

January 27, 2009: C. H. Beck Opts for Publishing Solution from IDS Scheer

The renowned publishing house C. H. Beck is seeking to bring book projects to market quickly and efficiently, starting from the initial ideas behind them. To make sure it accomplishes this with a new, standardized solution in media products manufacturing – a key area – the company is relying on IDS Scheer consulting services and publishing solution based on SAP.

The two companies’ focus is on implementing a uniform, user-friendly operating concept for editing and production. In addition to role-based overviews for these two areas, C. H. Beck needs the ability to manage projects in parallel.

Automatically generated reports – on consumption statistics, for example – form a basis for comprehensive controlling that attributes every cost to its cause in the manufacturing process. The system also supports the creation of annual schedules spanning all of the company’s media products.

To achieve this, IDS Scheer’s publishing solution utilizes the SAP component cProjects (in connection with the business functions of SAP ERP) and the author contact management functions of SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM).