Human Capital Management as a Service

euHReka OnDemand

combines talent management activities such as recruiting, performance management, successor planning, compensation management, and education and training with administrative processes in human capital- and organization management.

The solution is fully Internet-based and does not require special hardware or software. It utilizes preconfigured multitenant functions to isolate each company’s data for secure archiving at NorthgateArinso.

euHReka OnDemand complements SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) as a service, providing HR and talent management components for everything but payroll.

The platform completes the operating options that companies implement internally or fully outsource for the applications within SAP ERP HCM. euHReka OnDemand thus provides a uniform solution platform for using these applications, as well as the opportunity for users to develop and implement hybrid operating models and map their individual business requirements exactly as needed.

“This new product enables companies to supplement their business process outsourcing with on-demand services and handle it through a centralized platform. Customers can implement the combination of operating models that suits them best, thereby accelerating their company’s innovation and gaining the ability to respond flexibly to changing business requirements,” says Bernd-Uwe Pagel, senior vice president of business process outsourcing at SAP.

Supports HR and talent management

Companies seeking to consolidate their global HR processes on a single platform and centrally manage all necessary HR services can benefit in particular from euHReka OnDemand. Using the solution, HR departments can freely choose a service model and take advantage of the entire spectrum of Web technologies available for HR and talent management.

“Customers can now choose how their company aligns its HR processes to its needs,” says Patrick Weber, managing director of NorthgateArinso Deutschland. “This makes it possible to adjust the operating model of the HR software required to changing business requirements – from workforce management technology based on an on-demand model to comprehensive business process outsourcing of this area.”

euHReka OnDemand’s Internet-based operating model provides:

  • Need-based implementation and use
  • Simple scalability
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Advantages that quickly pay for themselves
  • A wide range of integration options

NorthgateArinso is now bringing euHReka OnDemand to the German market through a pilot program. Its current focus is on SAP Business Suite customers who need additional HR functions in the form of a fast, on-demand solution, as well as SAP ERP HCM customers looking for a global, fully integrated talent management suite.


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