Furniture Manufacturer burgbad Chooses SAP-based Industry Solution

Bathroom made by burgbad (Photo: burgbad)

The it.wood furniture industry solution maps the entire value chain of the small business, a subsidiary of the Istanbul-based Eczacibasi Group. Readily available and transparent data allows burgbad to calculate future projects more precisely and reduce implementation times. As a result, the company has a solid basis for continued growth and the cost-effective introduction of ERP projects.

A further advantage of it.wood furniture is its integrated, graphic-based order entry system, which displays the furniture configured in the SAP system. From here, the furniture can be further processed thanks to direct access to the master data model mapped in the SAP system. The order entry system creates the necessary data for production and provides printouts and diagrams to back up order confirmations. Together with the product data model created, burgbad will now be able to also map all products in the SAP dataset, combining individual design with the latest in production processes.

By the end of the project, around 230 employees will be working with it.wood furniture at the Schmallenberg location. The subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, the UK, and the USA will be gradually connected to the system. Burgbad’s company software itself will in turn be connected to the SAP system of the Eczacibasi Group’, which has already worked successfully with SAP software for over ten years.

Holger Gierse, Head of Controlling at burgbad said: “Thanks to the implementation of SAP, burgbad can significantly reduce its interfaces between the subsystems while also avoiding data redundancy. Implementing it.wood furniture has also considerably increased data transparency due to the fact that all subsidiaries and distributorships are mapped in a central system. This results in the harmonization of master data and processes. This in turn substantially increases our process and planning security, providing us with the ideal system to manage the company.”