The Diplomat


Loyalty, partnership, voluntary commitment, and dialog: This was how Jean Leroux, new president of the French-speaking user group Utilisateurs SAP Francophones (USF), expressed his dedication to the group’s core values at the opening of its annual congress in October 2008.

Like his predecessor Didier Gamain, Leroux places great emphasis on USF’s independence. He wants to maintain its autonomy from SAP, but without jeopardizing the relationship between the two parties. Cautious and diplomatic, Leroux aims “to remain constructive” in his work with, and criticism of, SAP. Leroux describes himself as a champion of optimism: “Even if it’s not all going to plan, you mustn’t forget those trains
that arrive on time.”

To ensure that SAP pays attention to the relatively small USF and its standpoint on hotly disputed issues, Leroux is also active in the SAP User Group Executive Network, the global umbrella organization for SAP user groups.

Leroux believes communication is essential to the group’s work, and in October 2008, he and USF vice president Claude Molly-Mitton began publishing l’USF magazine. In addition to reports on users’ experiences, he wants to offer analyses – precisely what you might expect from a graduate of an elite engineering university who also lectures at the Sorbonne Graduate Business School.