The University of Galaţi Achieves By Academis an Integrated Student Lifecycle Management with SAP Business All-in-One

And like all universities in the European Union, it faced the added challenge of integrating its existing structures and processes to comply with the Bologna Process, an agreement which aims to achieve more compatibility and easier comparison between European universities.

After an exhaustive review of several industry leading solutions, administrators chose Academis the SAP certified partner solution– a collaborative software platform with integrated SAP Business All-in-One functionality from an SAP Gold Partner The Red Point

Managing higher education for the 21st century

The Academis solution combines a rich set of SAP partner and third-party student lifecycle management solutions (University Management System) with the financial and business process functionality of SAP Business All-in-One. It provides support for the entire range of academic and business processes – from process design and management to data analysis and optimization. As a result, the University of Galaţi benefits from a comprehensive, integrated solution that reduces administrative costs, provides a higher level of student services, offers best business practices and greater collaboration across departments.

Building a student-centric organization

Advancing the Bologna Process

Launched in 1999 by the education ministers of 29 European countries, the Bologna process has grown from 29 countries in 1999 to 45 today. It seeks to create a European Higher Education Area by 2010 by making academic degree standards and quality assurance standards more comparable and compatible throughout Europe.

The Academis solution is designed to help universities achieve many of these key goals:

  • Facilitate student mobility
  • Prepare students for future careers
  • Offer broad access to high-quality higher education

The Academis solution manages all aspects of student lifecycle management. In the past, for example, charting student progress across courses and study programs presented a significant challenge. Now, the entire student lifecycle is managed and monitored in real time, from matriculation and class registration to the management of final exams and the posting of grades.

This is not only giving the University of Galaţi increased organizational transparency, but it is also transforming the school into a student-driven, responsive organization. The once lengthy admissions process has also been significantly shortened. Student data can now be entered into the system in about seven minutes, where it can then be used and reused across departments for a number of academic and business processes.

In addition, the system’s embedded business intelligence tools can be used to provide real-time information on everything from student academic progress to the impact of budget allocations on specific programs. In the near future, additional solution functionality will be rolled out to allow students to browse available study programs and classes, and to review grades.

Business best practices

Academis’ integrated SAP Business All-in-One functionality has also given the University of Galaţi a rich set of human resources, financial management, budget, and planning capabilities. This allowed the university to not only operate more efficiently, but also to integrate processes from student care, academic affairs and business services. Where information was once fragmented across decentralized departments, it is now integrated. In fact, the new system provides a holistic approach to manage practically all university business processes, with the same best practices used by successful global companies.

“Universities that run the Academis solution have the immediate benefit of SAP Business All-in-One innovations at an affordable cost,” says Irina Craciun, marketing director for The Red Point Romania. “It allows them to achieve a truly holistic approach to academic and financial management.”

Building future brand equity

Since go-live in January 2009, each of the organization’s stakeholders have seen measurable service improvement in student services, financial control, operational visibility, strategic decision making, and reduced costs.

“The SAP Business All-in-One functionality within Academis is a vital part of our core strategy to enhance our university’s brand equity among students,” says University of Galaţi rector Viorel Minzu. “In an era in which universities everywhere must compete to attract the best and the brightest, IT is critical in helping our school achieve an excellent, modern image.”

The University of Galaţi

Founded in 1974, The University of Galati offers undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degree programs across a broad number of subjects in the sciences and humanities. The school’s 13,000+ students study under 20 different faculties across more than 30 departments. Among the new programs introduced in recent years are industry management; credit and finance; international economic relations; administrative and technical informatics; as well as post-graduate courses in engineering and teaching.