IDS Scheer Conference

Keynote with rhythm: Prof. Scheer on ARIS ProcessWorld 2009 (photo: Gerhard Blank)

All companies strive to keep a constant eye on their business processes with the ultimate aim of safeguarding success. But to be able to actually measure success, it’s important to analyze existing processes and to react to changes in the market.

At the most recent ProcessWorld – held by IDS Scheer on May 28 and 29 in Munich – decision makers from industry and the public sector met to discuss such topics. Talks at the conference mainly centered on how IT solutions can be deployed to improve business processes.

ARIS software

As a partner of SAP, IDS Scheer informed visitors about its new ARIS software products and consulting services designed to improve business process management (BPM). “Business processes are subject to change, so they have to be constantly reengineered. That’s why the implementation of ERP software often takes such a long time,” explained Dr. Wolfram Jost, IDS Scheer executive board member. In his keynote, he presented the new products of the ARIS platform:

  • ARIS Express can be downloaded free of charge from the ARIS Community and offers a way to get started with BPM. It provides models for organizational structures, processes, and application systems.
  • ARIS Rocket Search helps users to quickly and easily find process descriptions, organizational information, and models. The search results are displayed even as users type and enable direct access to functions.
  • ARIS Governance Engine automates administrative processes and guarantees a workload reduction of 80%.
  • ARIS MashZone helps user departments combine their data from various sources such as Excel files, ERP systems, and CRM applications and then present the results – for example, from market analyses and surveys – in the form of mash-ups
  • ARIS Process Performance Manager 5 combines BPM with business intelligence. Also known as ARIS PPM 5, the solution enables companies to evaluate – and subsequently optimize – their business processes in terms of time, costs, quality, and quantity.

BPM in practice

At ProcessWorld on tour, companies including Deutsche Bahn, and HAVI Logistics, demonstrated how they optimized their business processes using solutions from the ARIS platform and SAP. Authorities and public sector organizations also attended the event:

  • The German Armed Forces implemented SASPF, a new system based on the ARIS platform.
  • Products from SAP and the ARIS platform provide a wide range of services at the BMVBS (German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Affairs). Not only authorities, but also the German weather service is using the software. It also ensures the safety of German waterways and contributes to flood protection.
  • Since 2004, the southern German city of Esslingen has been working with IDS Scheer to set up a new municipal business process database.
  • Using the new IT platform e.biss, the German Cancer Research Center optimized its procurement process for consumables such as chemicals and can now coordinate the purchasing process more effectively.
  • Thanks to a new IT solution, the University of Hagen, Germany’s only state-maintained distance teaching university, has improved its requirements management for teaching, studying, research, support, and administration.

Looking ahead

IDS Scheer CEO Peter Gérard in his keynote outlined the company’s plans to in the future work even more closely with institutes of higher education. Some 200 universities are already connected with each other through the university platform ARIS Campus.

“To secure long-term success even in times of an economic crisis, it’s not enough just to cut costs,” Professor Scheer said on the second and final day of the Munich event. “Companies must network with each other more effectively. Hardware and software providers have to work together even more intensively and jointly come up with new solutions. These products must be simple to use. Usability matters. The iPhone from Apple has shown us that already. In any case, IDS Scheer will continue to work together with its partners – such as SAP – to create new software tailored to companies’ business processes.”

IDS Scheer’s next two ProcessWorld conferences will take place in Prague (June 8–9) and Copenhagen (November 11–12) this year. In the meantime, entrepreneurs and interested parties can network on the ARIS Community and swap ideas about BPM.

About IDS Scheer

IDS Scheer is a software and consulting company founded in 1984 by Professor August-Wilhelm Scheer. Its main product is the ARIS platform, which focuses on business process management (BPM) for companies and public sector organizations. IDS Scheer is headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, and operates in more than 70 countries. The company provides consulting services for SAP products, and is thus an important SAP partner. The most recent ProcessWorld attracted around 450 participants from a total of 30 countries. Some 300 customers and 30 partners were represented.