Managing Talent with euHReka OnDemand

Römer has seen demand for talent management increase amongst his customers for some time. This growing area of human resources (HR) management develops employee qualifications and competencies in line with a company’s goals and strategies.

The core processes of talent management are:

  • Identifying and recruiting talent
  • Training and continually developing talent
  • Motivating and retaining talent
  • Rewarding talent through performance-based incentives

Identifying, fostering, and leveraging talent are three core tasks supported by the latest version of the human resources platform euHReka. Combining talent management with the administrative processes of HR management “OnDemand”, the platform is fully integrated with SAP Business Suite.

In an interview with, Römer explains how companies stand to gain.

Christopher Römer, Business Unit Manager NorthgateArinso

Christopher Römer

has worked in human resources for over 10 years, nine of these as an HR consultant at SAP. As head of consulting for talent management at NorthgateArinso, he is currently building up this new area. Römer also supports customer projects at all levels, particularly in sales and marketing. Mr Römer, how can software facilitate talent management?

Römer: First of all, software doesn’t manage talent; that’s still a job for managers and HR experts. However, it can help to identify people, both inside and outside a company, who could be crucial to its success. For example, software can quickly pinpoint which employees would be most suited to a particular position, how qualified these potential successors are, and what qualifications they still need to meet the position’s requirements.

This is an area our euHReka OnDemand platform covers online, alongside performance management, recruitment, and compensation management. So what’s new in euHReka OnDemand?

Römer: With euHReka OnDemand, companies get a global integrated SAP-based ERP system for HR management, which they can use according to their own requirements. All of the processes involved in HR administration and talent management are available in real time as and when the customer needs them. Through interfaces, other SAP applications and NorthgateArinso’s own development can also be integrated into the platform.

At the same time, we offer tried and tested SAP functions in a new format – not only for the on-demand element of the platform, but also for the user interfaces. Here, university experts helped us to make euHReka OnDemand as self-explanatory and user-friendly as possible. The platform’s work portal, EuHReka Workspace, features a number of handy applications that simplify workflows for users. Could you give us a concrete example?

Römer: Certainly. In talent management, the so-called “talent calibration” is a crucial process. After a company’s managers have assessed and evaluated their employees, they usually sit down with HR to work out the final calibration. With euHReka, this meeting is no longer necessary, as the latest evaluations for each individual employee are available online in the euHReka Workspace.

Here, a talent grid displays how each individual employee stacks up. The ratings on the lower left of the grid are poor, while those on the upper right are good.

At a glance, the management team can easily identify high performers, pinpoint employees who are developing more slowly, and also pick up on any employee appraisals that differ greatly from manager to manager.

Calibration happens when employees are moved up and down the online grid in real time, balancing the evaluations of the different managers. The system immediately updates the HR master data in the background, so HR administrators no longer have to do this manually. euHReka OnDemand offers all of the traditional advantages of on-demand software. How else can companies benefit?

Römer: Companies that don’t need all of the functions of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) can also “book” individual applications. For example, when customers are only looking for performance management applications, they can focus on this particular component as opposed to purchasing the entire suite. Costs remain up-front and transparent at all times. With euHReka OnDemand, customers pay a one-off implementation fee and thereafter a monthly subscription fee based on the number of users. In e-recruiting, however, these costs are typically calculated according to the number of applicants.

Benefits at a glance

  • No additional customer resources for operations and maintenance, so no hidden costs
  • Faster implementation thanks to preconfigured business processes and best practices
  • No need for special hardware or software
  • Customer-specific configuration using pre-configured templates

Our partnership with SAP plays a big part in this and we work together successfully on many levels. As well as organizing joint sales and marketing activities, we collaborate on development. This give us advance notice of any new SAP enhancement packages. This early heads-up in the knowledge stakes obviously benefits our customers too. Let’s move on to the issue of security. Despite the advantages of on-demand solutions, many companies shy away from storing their data—particularly sensitive employee data—on an external system for fear of losing control of their information. How do you counter this problem?

Römer: This is an important issue. It’s true that many companies do have reservations. NorthgateArinso has been a certified SAP Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider for some time now. As such, we fulfill all of the required standards, including ISO and SAS 70. The latter proves that we are offering a fully functioning control system. With euHReka OnDemand, customer data is saved in isolated clients, even when multiple users are on the platform at the same time.

Our customers can rest assured that we handle their information with the utmost confidentiality.


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