SAP Spectrum Special on efficient & sustainable IT

Take a look at the special focus of this issue of SAP Spectrum to learn more about how virtualization works – and how enterprises like yours can benefit from virtual servers.

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All of our July topics at a glance:

Compass: Strategies, Ideas, Trends

The red thread: Why no company should be without IT governance

Getting a Clearer View: Identify savings and opportunities with business intelligence

Special: Efficient & sustainable IT

Fair to cloudy: Virtualization and cloud computing enable smart savings and a cleaner environment

In Full Flight: How virtualization maximizes server capacity

Welcome to the Growth Zone: Managing hardware singlehandedly

Severing ties for more flexibility: Interview with Stephen Herrod, CTO, VMware

Challenge: Challenges, Opportunities, Solutions

The Fruits of Success: Enterprise resource planning is a plum for Sunsweet Growers

A Shining Star of Public Service: City of Henderson improves its track(ing) record

Let’s talk business: Jim Norton takes a look at the hybrid CIO

Software injections: Vaccine market leader manages processes with SAP solutions

Cosmos: People, Markets, Community

Managing Growth: SAP Colombia faces spezial challenges

Driving Forces in the Middle East: Makers and shakers look at IT in their companies

Time to Connect: Interview with Mikael Karlsson from the Swedish SAP user group

Meet Grahame Reynolds: An up front look at the new Down Under SAUG chairperson