Clear Horizons in Southern Germany

Speeches, discussions, arguments – all in a day’s work for a politician. To be convincing, however, the arguments need to be valid, and that requires background knowledge. Gaining access to the corresponding information is not always easy, particularly when financial subjects are involved. To analyze and compare financial data, representatives often first have to wait for the closing report from a certain department.

Information system based on SAP

The state government of Baden-Württemberg wanted to make it easier for its representatives to obtain such information. As it developed modern instruments to manage Baden-Württemberg’s finances, the state also implemented a new electronic information system for members of its Landtag, or parliament. Based on SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, this system enables representatives and their employees to:

  • Obtain, analyze, and correlate current data and graphics on asset accounting, budget planning and management, position planning, and cost and performance calculation
  • Analyze databases
  • Access a uniform platform

All key information just clicks away

With just a few clicks, representatives receive all of the important information on individual revenues and expenses, how the state is allocating its budget, details on budget and position planning, and the current status of Baden-Württemberg’s budget and liabilities from a pool of 100,000 line items and graphics. The representatives and their employees can also access and compare closing reports from years past.

Home access to data

Even when away from the Landtag in Stuttgart, representatives can still obtain the information they need. The parliament’s intranet also enables access from their local electoral districts.

Implementation and results

The implementation occurred in two phases: The first prototype went live in 2005, with the full-fledged software following in 2008. Meanwhile, 16 training courses helped familiarize Baden-Württemberg’s representatives and their employees with the new system.

With ad hoc access to every crucial piece of information, the state’s politicians can now respond more quickly – especially when in their home districts rather than in Stuttgart. The SAP-based information system not only saves time and paper; it also facilitates improved analysis and planning of developments in personnel administration, more prescient budget allocation, and targeted generation of reports. As a result, representatives can identify precisely what works and what does not. As the access statistics demonstrate, Baden-Württemberg’s SAP implementation has been a success: The software registered 8,518 clicks in its first year.

On June 2, 2009, the SAP-based information system garnered international recognition in receiving a prize at this year’s Computerworld Honors Program in Washington, D.C.