Dr. Oetker with unified SAP System

Dr. Oetker General Store from the early 20th Century (photo:Dr. Oetker)

The move to a centralized SAP platform began back in 2003 in Hungary, after which Dr. Oetker standardized further systems in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Italy, and the Benelux and Nordic countries. The company plans to add France, Austria, and Switzerland into the system by 2010. The common platform’s harmonized reporting system enables users to compare analyses throughout the group. As another major advantage, Dr. Oetker can now cooperate seamlessly with retail stores across Europe.

Dr. Oetker hired SAP software and consulting company SNP AG to handle the migration process. The firm applied its own system landscape optimization (SLO) methodology. According to SNP, this approach offers numerous advantages by accessing databases directly, which facilitates the fully automated conversion of any quantity of SAP data. In contrast, many other migration procedures start at the application level and require extensive manual adjustment of data to new system landscapes. At the core of SNP’s automated implementation is SNP Technical Workbench (SNP TCW), which contains predefined rules for migrations.

On Schedule

In addition to SAP modules for accounting and logistics, Dr. Oetker uses the components SAP Business Information Warehouse (now part of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence), SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), and SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO). Third-party systems for archiving and exchanging data electronically with customers, partners, and suppliers round out the company’s landscape.

SNP has treated each migration as an individual project and applied a strict set of parameters in every implementation. After an extensive review of the data in the SAP source system, the project team uses SNP TCW to generate and implement country-specific migration rules while adjusting the data to the target solution.

Dr. Oetker is very pleased with how things have gone thus far. “The integration is proceeding according to our goals and schedule,” says Franz Guggenberger, head of the overall project at Dr. Oetker. To benefit further from the advantages of its centralized SAP system, the company is considering extending the new landscape to include Asia and other countries overseas.