Green logistics


In Germany alone, some 1.2 million trucks clog up the country’s transportation routes daily.Competition is fierce. Surviving in the freight business means getting goods from A to B faster and more cheaply than your rivals. Little by little, however, road freight customers are discovering their green conscience and are making efforts to improve their carbon footprint.

Rail freight is coming back into fashion, but it has some ground to make up before it can match the flexibility offered by its road-based counterparts. Logistics service provider Green Cargo has recognized the signs of the times. Established in 2001 when the Swedish national railway company spun off its logistics division, Green Cargo positions itself primarily as a clean alternative to long-haul road transportation.

It has been investing in locomotives with low energy consumption for years. “We transport most of our freight volume with electric locomotives,” says CIO Björn Rosell. “And we are gradually modernizing our diesel locomotives to reduce the CO2 emissions from our fleet.” But that’s not all. Green Cargo offers its customers the option of having their goods transported most of the way by rail before switching to road transportation near the end to bring the goods to their final destination. You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

Free download: The current issue of SAP SPECTRUM September 2009.