One Man in a Boat

SAP founder Plattner sails in world championships (photo:

Plattner’s boat was developed and built by the company Jess in Eckenförde on Germany’s Baltic coast. The Jess boat builders are renowned specialists in the 505 class, in which the length of the yacht must be exactly 505 centimeters.

Plattner’s boat – made-to-measure high-tech

The 505 racing yacht was developed by the Briton John Westell in the early 1950s and is 505 centimeters long and 188 centimeters wide. Plattner’s boat is made from an epoxy resin and carbon fiber composite material. The minimum weight of a Five-O-Five, including the superstructure, is 127.4 kilograms.

The sails are also standardized, with the main sail having a surface area of 12.3 m2. The smaller jib measures 4.94 m², while the additional spinnaker must not exceed 27 m².

The 505 was first used for competitive sailing by the Caneton Association in France. But by 1955, the Five-O-Five class was recognized by the International Yacht Racing Union, now known as the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

Nautical data in real time

SAP is not just sponsor of the 2009 SAP 5O5 World Championships, but it also supports the sailors with its software from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio.

With the help of SAP, competitors can better plan their route and strategy during a regatta. The data visualization software Xcelsius, Web services such as Google Maps and GPS data, and other special applications come into play here. During the regatta, the sailors receive information about wind speed and currents, as well as the location of the other competitors. At the five markers, mobile navigation devices gather the relevant information and pass it on to the SAP mash-up. The sailors can then call the data analyses in real time and constantly update their competitive strategy.