SAP Top Ten in Social Networking

Nearly 50.000 SCN-users are based in the USA (photo: SAP)

A recent study on social engagement by U.S. consulting firm Altimeter Group and social media platform Wetpaint ranked SAP in the top ten of one hundred of the world’s most valuable brands.

The study examined how companies use social media to engage with their consumers and the relative impact on their revenue and profits.

SAP uses a total of 10 different communication channels to keep in touch with its customers and partners. The company’s main platform is the SAP Community Network (SCN). Its 1.7 million registered users can take part in a range of forums, Wikis, and blogs – with around 5,000 blogging regularly – from SAP developers, customers, and partners to the SAP CTO himself, Vishal Sikka.

SAP took ninth place in the study’s ranking on the strength of the SAP Community Network, a dedicated YouTube channel, its Facebook profile, and eight official Twitter feeds. A team of around 35 employees work in social media at SAP. According to Mark Yolton, head of the SCN team, the main goal is to bring SAP’s customers closer to the company. “Our activities show that we care, but also that we truly value the opinions of our customers and partners,” Yolton says.

It Pays to Be Social

Altimeter Group and Wetpaint conclude that corporate commitment to social media is intrinsically linked to above-average levels of growth. Comparing key financial figures from the past 12 months for each of the companies surveyed, researchers found that the most socially engaged are faring better in the current crisis than their direct competitors.

The full study is available for download in PDF format.