Striving for perfection


The Perfect Plant has gone from aspirational whiteboard to tangible initiative at manufacturers worldwide. The linkage of business and plant to achieve “full disclosure” on the shop floor is helping companies boost margins and pivot nimbly in the face of new business imperatives.

The Perfect Plant is not just an SAP strategy. For years it has been pursued by manufacturing organizations the world over. From computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) in the 1980s to today, top manufacturing names in the business have hunted this elusive quarry. And no wonder. The Perfect Plant, even partially realized, provides stunning visibility and the power of transparency into manufacturing.

Executives get intelligence based on real events to track performance metrics and adapt corporate strategy. Manufacturing managers see actionable intelligence to head off problems and execute to plan. Team leads and operators view the data they need to optimize asset performance while aligning production with enterprise objectives. That’s just what today’s business challenges require. You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

Free download: The current issue of SAP SPECTRUM September 2009.