Achieving Clarity


What is the Perfect Plant strategy?

The Perfect Plant is SAP’s strategy to enable efficient manufacturing by driving lean processes, utilizing assets effectively, and linking the plant to the enterprise in real time. Ultimately, this will allow companies to power highly responsive supply networks. It’s all about achieving clarity across the manufacturing enterprise. It’s impossible to get that clarity – the “clear enterprise” – unless you directly connect to critical sources of data on the production floor. In the past, SAP effectively stopped at the door to the plant. The Perfect Plant strategy continues that connection all the way down to the machine.

What does that enable?

When you create that pervasive visibility in real time, you push actionable information down to the operator, the person who can impact the process. As an operator, I typically look at a key performance indicator (KPI) that tells me whether the machine is running effectively. The Perfect Plant lets me tie machine performance to the enterprise plan and objectives. This is crucial. Now I can run a machine more effectively by producing the right mix of product at the right time to support a lean supply chain.

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