Getting Sorted


For a number of years now, SAP has been supporting midsize and large waste disposal companies in both the private and municipal sectors with the SAP Waste and Recycling application. This software is specially tailored to the needs of the waste disposal industry, and eases order processing, route planning, and requirements planning. What’s more, the application can also be deployed with mobile devices such as navigation systems and smartphones located in vehicles.

In addition, SAP Waste and Recycling helps organizations monitoring and observe legal requirements, specificall the German waste approval directive. The component SAP Legal Requirements for Waste and Recycling by PROLOGA comprises:

  • Implementation of the requirements for monitoring waste approval
  • Documentation of the quantities that are generated and disposed of
  • Management of waste approval permits with validity period, type and quantity of waste, and disposal channel
  • Creation and printing of documents, such as disposal documents and dock receipts
  • Monitoring of approved quantities

Paperless waste

On April 1, 2010, electronic signatures will become compulsory for the German waste disposal industry. All the parties involved in the disposal channel – from the waste generator, through the waste transporter, to the waste disposer – will be required to document the disposal of hazardous waste seamlessly with the help of electronic signatures, and to register the process electronically with the authorities.

To cater to the new legal situation, an electronic waste approval procedure (known as eANV) has been added to SAP Legal Requirements for Waste and Recycling.

The software enables the integration of different solution providers to manage data exchange and electronic signatures, and has already been implemented with the ZEDAL solution from the company Abfallmanagement and the Modawi solution from Consist ITU.

If a company implements Modawi, for example, it can manage all necessary processes using a standardized interface. The enhanced functions merge seamlessly with the processes and the company’s existing SAP application. By bundling the waste data, materials flow management becomes more efficient and a central database is made available for reporting purposes.

Electronic waste approval at SITA

SITA Deutschland, a subsidiary of the French SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and – with an annual business volume of €492 million – Germany’s fourth largest private waste disposal service provider, uses SAP Waste and Recycling throughout the company and now manages its waste approval electronically.

In the project, IT partner PROLOGA is responsible for the Modawi solution’s technical connection with SAP Legal Requirements for Waste and Recycling, as well as for customer care. Consist ITU, specialist for IT solutions in waste management, advises SITA in all aspects of  electronic waste approval and electronic signatures, while the consultancy proveho provides supports in organizational and process-relevant matters.

Because the SAP application is role-independent, not only waste disposers but also waste generators and waste transporters are supported in complying with the new legal requirement for waste disposal. Ultimately, this means that all organizations operating in Germany’s waste disposal industry can enjoy maximum flexibility.