SAP BusinessObjects User Conference

(photo: Roambi)
Interactive graphics on iPhone with Roambi (photo: Roambi)

At the 2009 SAP BusinessObjects User conference taking place in Dallas this week, keynote presenters Bridgette Chambers, CEO of ASUG and John Schwarz, member of the SAP executive board both provided a clear message that underscores the importance of a vibrant customer network and a new era of highly consumable solutions that will help customers compete now and during the economic recovery.

The event also marks the one year  anniversary of The Global BusinessObjects Network (GBN) the premiere user-led organization that ASUG launched to support the SAP community “I know you’ll walk away feeling enthused with the ability to drive a great deal of value in your organizations,” said Bridgette. “ASUG believes that by establishing one community with the power to influence the BusinessObjects portfolio, we can influence a positive change in the way that SAP BusinessObjects customer interact with each other, partners and with SAP.”

Bridgette said GBN has become far more successful than imagined during its conception last year. Over the past year, a staggering 3,500 partners and members joined GBN, over 300 education sessions were created and five special interest groups and influence councils were created. Feedback from these groups is very important to create influence, said Bridgette.

“Feedback flows back to SAP in the form of strong influence channels that goes directly to product managers and executives about process and functionality that you as a community tell us that you need to continue to drive your organization and compete effectively in the marketplace,” said Bridgette. “Our achievements underscore the energy and momentum of the entire community.”

This year also marks another huge milestone for ASUG and GBN: At the end of the year, GBN will merge with ASUG, creating one, powerful community of customers and partners in North America. “This is a monumental step forward,” said Bridgette. “ASUG is thrilled to have played a role in creating and launching GBN and we could not be more thrilled to be here today to join forces. We’re all in this together. A customer led organization is just that and we are counting on you to show up and help foster this historic partnership.”

John Schwarz complimented Bridgette’s remarks, touching upon a variety of important challenges, accomplishments and success stories.

“We are delighted to sponsor this event and appreciate the time you are taking to listen, share, contribute and work with us on making this association better, stronger and more productive,” said John. “I am personally pleased to be here because today marks the second anniversary of our decision that BusinessObjects join SAP. The fruits of the two years worth of hard work are pretty apparent.”

John said organizations that understand how to deliver their value proposition will not only survive but come out of the downturn stronger and able to participate in whatever comes beyond the downturn. “And there is going to be a better future, no doubt about it,” assured John. “The world population is growing, people are becoming wealthier everywhere. There is an opportunity to deal with the requirements that are more unique, customized and differentiated and we can deliver a better service to those customers out there.”

After highlighting compelling success stories from SAP BusinessObjects customers like Emergency Medical Associates, Organic Valley and Astra Zeneca, John also participated in a light-hearted, yet completely innovative real-world demo that showcased the power and flexibility of SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. Using the car industry as an example, the demo proved how quickly users can slice and dice data, present it any way they want it and in the case of extreme emergencies, like car recalls, get answers to tough questions from key stakeholders, no matter where they are located. 

Using an oversized iPhone, provided and powered by Roambi technology, the demo deployed slick, interactive graphics that made analyzing the car data easy and intuitive on a mobile device, and created a good deal of buzz from conference attendees.