IT Has to Be Simple


What challenges do companies – whether large enterprises or SMEs – currently face in the U.S.?

Chad Moutray: Right now, one of the biggest challenges is the economy, of course. And for the short term, the economic outlook remains uncertain, although there are some signs of growing optimism. When you move away from the current economy, there are global pressures. The U.S. economy is becoming increasingly globalized, with growing competition from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

We have to make sure that we can compete globally. In the longterm, we’ll have to contend with the retiring of the baby boomers. We need to be able to replace those workers in some way – and the generations following the baby boomer generation just aren’t as large. That puts a lot of stress on the country in terms of potential labor shortages, which might have to be countered with a smarter immigration policy.

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