SAP Partner News 44/2009

Ökostrom aus Spanien für die Rheinenergie AG (Bild: Rheinenergie AG)

RheinEnergie AG implements SMART Work Manager for SAP ERP

RheinEnergie AG will soon begin using the mobile solution SMART Work Manager for SAP ERP to automate order processes in the monitoring and maintenance of consumption meters. Syclo developed this software in cooperation with SAP, and the IT service provider Energy4u is handling the implementation.

One major advantage of this new software is its flexible architecture. In addition to laptops, Smart Work Manager for SAP ERP supports smartphones and other mobile devices.

Outsourcing to improve competitiveness

According to a comparative study by Orga GmbH, more and more companies are seeking to improve their competitive positions by outsourcing SAP systems. In the study, 71 of the companies surveyed indicated that this was a goal of their SAP outsourcing, representing an increase of seven percent since 2004.

Orga CEO Christoph Scheuermann interprets the results: “This longer-term analysis further confirms that SAP outsourcing is not just a component of money-saving concepts in IT, but a means of bolstering companies’ competitiveness as well.”


Colt: New online portal for small businesses and midsize companies

IT service provider Colt is seeking to improve its consulting of small businesses and midsize companies by revamping its online presence. At, customers can now peruse products and services and purchase them directly online.

The new portal also offers a number of Web 2.0 features, such as live chat with employees, user-generated content, and social media tools. It has already launched in 13 European countries, with the online purchasing function currently only available in Spain.

bioLock: Secure your SAP data

Realtime, one of SAP’s partners in the United States, offers increased protection for critical SAP data in the form of the security system bioLock. When SAP login information falls into the wrong hands, the consequences can be dire. To prevent this from happening, bioLock acts as a biometric barrier against unauthorized access. Employees of companies that use bioLock are required to identify themselves by fingerprint and/or keycard; the system also records all of its activities in a log file.