Windows 7: Compatibility with Citrix and SAP?

Citrix-Oberfläche läuft unter Windows 7
Citrix-Client runs well on Windows 7

With the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft is now closing the less-than-successful chapter of Windows Vista. Vista was released on January 30, 2007 and, after two years on the market, only a few companies switched to it from Windows XP. According to a current study by North American reseller Softchoice, Vista runs on just 3% of the 450,000 company PCs it surveyed. Windows XP – Vista’s predecessor and now eight years old – is installed on 88% of all the computers.

Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 has been garnering praise from all sides since its first beta version. On July 15, 2009, a discounted version was put on the shelves at the German consumer electronics superstore MediaMarkt, as well as at Amazon and other stores, for €50 instead of €200. It sold out within a matter of minutes. Naturally, business users are also curious and keen to try out the new operating system.

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Aero-Oberfläche von Windows 7

Citrix? No problem!

According to Dr. Daniel C. Liebisch, Business Development Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Citrix, users who rely on the Citrix client to access their company’s IT system can transition to Windows 7 no problem: “Citrix Receiver provides optimal compatibility with all Windows operating systems, which means that users can install Windows 7 without hesitating.”

SAP – checking compatibility

At SAP, Windows 7 is currently undergoing testing. Customers can expect to see the new Microsoft operating system approved by SAP Solutions Management by the end of 2009.

Windows 7 will be officially recognized with the release of SAP GUI for Windows 7.20, which is slated to be shipped to customers at the end of Q1 2010. But SAP won’t leave early birds who already opted for Windows 7 in the lurch, says Hilmar Schepp from SAP: “Companies who want to – or have to – implement Windows 7 for production operation before this date will receive customer care from SAP in the form of pilot-based individual support for release 7.10 on Windows 7.”