Collective Intelligence


The result of careful orchestration of relationships and resources that links SAP, customers,partners, and individuals, the SAP ecosystem is powered by two compelling drivers. First,customers are reaching across their business networks to find new ways to take advantage of their SAP investment for continued innovation. And second, SAP recognizes that customers want the freedom to choose solutions to add to their core infrastructure – not a one-stop shop of applications that might not be optimal for them.

The ecosystem, in part, fills these “white spaces,” where customer initiatives stretch beyond their core competencies and existing solution landscape. Customers are flocking to take advantage of the benefits of the ecosystem offerings. Qatar Petroleum worked with technology experts in the SAP Developer Network (SDN) community to design, test, and implement new human resources processes. ConAgra Foods found an SAP-endorsed business solution from SmartOps to replace 11 legacy planning applications with a single inventory planning and optimization system.

Currently 20 members of the SAP Industry Value Network group for chemicals are collaborating to develop solutions to manage the complex pricing structures of chemical companies.“For the SAP customer, the ecosystem provides ongoing value in ways you can’t imagine when you buy the software,” says Mitchell Kick, vice president, strategy and operations, Global Ecosystem and Partner Group, SAP.

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