SAP Partner News 47/2009

Neue TDS-Branchlösung für Kosmetikspezialist Marbert (Foto: Marbert)
New TDS industry solution at cosmetics group Marbert (photo: Marbert)

TDS industry solution for skincare

A homegrown ERP system was causing increasing headaches at German cosmetics group Marbert. As a result, the Düsseldorf-based long-standing company switched to myTDS.Cosmetics.

This SAP Business All-in-One industry solution is tailored to the needs of the cosmetics sector. Thanks to the TSD software, Marbert is set to profit right away from a transparent process chain that is mapped end-to-end in the solution. Because myTDS.Cosmetics is already preconfigured when it is shipped, the implementation time is reduced and the need to make adjustments is minimal.

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf has new EDI data exchange solution

Effective immediately, the municipal utility company Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is using the Seeburger Adapter for the Utility Industry for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) to exchange data in line with legal requirements. Numerous companies from the power industry already deploy the SAP-certified software, which is based SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, to exchange data with market partners. This is one of the main reasons why Stadtwerke Düsseldorf opted for the Seeburger Adapter.

Thanks to integrated monitoring functions, data exchange using EDI is transparent and can be tracked fully. Furthermore, many processes are automated, which reduces operating costs.


New service packs available for AutoCAD and Inventor 2010

Cideon Software has released new service packs for CIDEON SAP PLM Integration for AutoCAD and Inventor 2010. Thanks to a new software architecture, the look of the interfaces has been standardized, more efficient support is provided, and familiarity of the layout for users across the various CAD systems has been increased.

What’s more, the service packs give users access to a new, simplified configuration tool. The Inventor-Pane is now more user-friendly, too. Finally, new caching technology means that performance has been greatly improved.