Bonus Hunt with NetWeaver BW

Kundenbindung durch Bonusprogramm
Customer retention through loyalty program (photo: Germanwings)

Germany loves collecting bonus points. In 2005, more than 100 million loyalty cards had already found their way into the country’s purses. Among those taking advantage of such offers are the frequent flyers in Germanwings’ Boomerang Club, who collect miles toward free flights. The airline also began working with the bonus-point giant PAYBACK in 2008.

For Germanwings’ marketing department, obtaining information from individual Boomerang Club members in a systematic way used to be a highly complicated process of compiling information from various sources. There was no central reporting mechanism for Boomerang data in the company’s BI system, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW).

With an eye on enabling its BI processes to draw upon this data in the future, Germanwings started a project. The objective? Develop a marketing reporting system that would give employees access to specific information on individual customers, PAYBACK points awarded, and other key figures. The company commissioned the IT service provider ISR Information Products AG of Braunschweig, Germany, to implement the centralized reporting.

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The new system

Germanwings’ new system feeds data from its flight reservation system into SAP NetWeaver BW; the company’s custom-programmed RuleEngine then awards the corresponding miles. These are then transferred through an interface to SAP Deposits, which keeps track of miles gained and redeemed in an account for each customer. Eventually, customers can book free flights in the New Skies reservation system, thereby facilitating debits and credits to these accounts.

New Skies and Germanwings’ SAP systems serve as the data sources of this central reporting system. The company obtains master data on its frequent flyers from SAP NetWeaver BW and transaction data on its customers acounts from the SAP Deposits application. New Skies supplies flight and reservation information. All the data is processed in a multilevel model in SAP NetWeaver BW and made available for reporting.

reporting_cockpit_germanwingsA cockpit for marketing

Meanwhile, the Boomerang Club Status Cockpit was created along with this reporting system to summarize the most critical KPIs and display them for quick reference. This cockpit is also the main starting point for calling up various reports and performing detailed analyses. “This project demonstrates how quickly and easily companies can realize efficient applications in SAP NetWeaver BW,” says Michael Sidon, senior consultant at ISR.