Taking Care of Healthcare


Given the complexity of healthcare, it’s no surprise that many hospitals, clinics, and health networks struggle with disparate IT systems. This is particularly true when it comes to administrative and clinical processes. Most healthcare organizations rely on highly specialized software – developed internally or purchased from independent software providers – to manage activities such as device maintenance, medication management, and medical documentation. In the past, many IT departments have attempted to integrate patient management and clinical applications using hard-coded interfaces or cumbersome manual processes such as data reentry.

The result: high costs, low productivity, and an inflexible IT landscape. The challenge of integrating clinical and patient management applications can also affect the many hospitals and clinics that use the SAP Patient Management application. An integral part of the SAP for Healthcare solution portfolio, this application helps organizations manage patient-centered processes such as admitting, billing, and discharging. To address this challenge, the solution management team for SAP for Healthcare decided to create a group of enterprise services to help healthcare customers connect the SAP Patient Management application to disparate clinical systems.

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