SAP Partner News 4/2010

TDS: HR-related services avaiable in Switzerland (photo: Benjamin Blaume)
TDS: HR-related services available in Switzerland (photo: Benjamin Blaume)

TDS expands services in Switzerland

In January 2010, TDS added Switzerland to the list of countries where it offers its HR-related services, which include payroll, administration, applicant management, and travel expense accounting. In Germany, the full-service IT provider currently handles around 750,000 accounting processes every month for various companies. TDS thus considers itself the market leader in administrative HR outsourcing.

Esker: Vendor invoices from the cloud

The document process specialist Esker is now offering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for vendor invoices. The browser-based software automatically processes invoices and can post them to an SAP system if desired.

From Esker’s cloud, the program provides all of the functions of conventional vendor invoice software, including full features for invoices with or without purchase order references and those scanned in directly from SAP systems or the software’s own Web interface. As an SaaS solution, Esker’s offering is tailored to companies that prefer the cost predictability of on-demand services over that of typical software products.

SDN_Search_BrowserBrowser-integrated SDN searching

With a free add-on developed by the IT service provider Movento, users can now integrate an input field for searching through the articles and forums on the SAP Developer Network (SDN) into several popular Web browsers.

Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and later), Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, the add-on is available for download on Movento’s Web site. Firefox users can also find it at