SAP Partner News 5/2010

Pandemie_forschung_IDS_ScheerResearching pandemics with IDS software

The members of Germany’s GenoPlan project – which include IDS Scheer AG, IBM Deutschland, the city of Dortmund, Ulm University Hospital, the University of Paderborn, and the Robert Koch Institute – are currently developing a universal contingency plan for pandemics and other catastrophes. Pandemics typically involve the rapid spread of a disease that affects large numbers of people.

The resulting lack of personnel can impair orderly operations at companies and public authorities. The GenoPlan project simulates various catastrophe scenarios in order to develop proper response mechanisms. IDS Scheer’s ARIS platform serves as the basis of the simulation model.

Capgemini acquires IBX

The consulting company Capgemini has acquired the Swedish purchasing specialist IBX. Upon concluding this agreement, Capgemini also announced its procurement-as-a-service solution – a worldwide first. The company’s acquisition, meanwhile, is to further augment synergies that have been in place since its cooperative agreement with IBX began in mid-2009.

IBX specializes in Internet-supported purchasing processes, handling around two million orders each year for over 200,000 users. The price of the acquisition was not announced.

UC4 automating the cloud

UC4 Software plans to bridge the gap between legacy systems and Web applications with a software agent that automates service-oriented architectures (SOA) and cloud computing. UC4 Agent for Web Services is to offer a user-friendly interface and support both the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). The company assures potential customers that its software will make manual programming and the command line itself obsolete.