SAP Partner News 6/2010

BYK-Chemie stellt Lacke für das Maler- und Baugewerbe her. (Foto: BYK-Chemie)
BYK-Chemie has finished the restructuring of its logistics systems. (photo: BYK-Chemie) (photo: BYK-Chemie)

BYK-Chemie returns to standard SAP logistics

The chemical company BYK-Chemie has finished restructuring its logistics systems with the help of Ciber, a consultancy based in Heidelberg, Germany. In this project, the company both redesigned its existing supply-chain processes and implemented new, integrated workflows.

The goal of BYK-Chemie’s reorganization was to return to the SAP standard and manage changes and roll-outs more efficiently in the future. In recent years, numerous modifications had caused its SAP system to drift further and further from the standard.

Schleicher Electronic opts for outsourcing

Schleicher Electronic – a midsize control systems specialist headquartered in Berlin, Germany – has outsourced its SAP systems to the IT service provider Pironet NDH Datacenter. Following a carve-out, Schleicher had to choose between finding either the resources for its own ERP system or a third party to handle these operations.

Having selected the latter option, the company now accesses its business data through a secure corporate network. The data itself is stored at Pironet’s maximum-security datacenter.

Supporting Pironet in customizing Schleicher’s SAP systems was Steeb Anwendungssysteme GmbH, which handled data migration, application integration, and license management.

Uniorg becomes special expertise partner for SAP NetWeaver

SAP has selected Uniorg Consulting GmbH as a special expertise partner for SAP NetWeaver. This partnership recognizes the years of successful collaboration SAP has enjoyed with the company on applications for the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, including SAP NetWeaver Application Server, SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, and SAP Business Process Management.