Grabbing the Tiger by the Tail


Last year was no cakewalk for SAP customers in Japan. Hit hard by the financial crisis, many CIOs struggled to make do with restricted IT budgets. The onus was increasingly on them to make the right decisions, because no company could afford a poor investment.

An innovative initiative, set up by SAP Japan president Garret Ilg, came at just the right time: SAP Japan established the first ever Customer Satisfaction Improvement Office and launched a crossorganizational Customer Satisfaction task force of SAP experts from various lines of businesses. The team now meets with representatives of the Japan SAP Users’ Group (JSUG) each month.

“The increased level of communication has really reaped benefits for us,” says Yutaka Yasunaga, president of JSUG. “SAP and JSUG share the goal of achieving as much value as possible. We work as one team. We discuss any issues and find solutions together.”

You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

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