Full Steam Ahead


From IT hype to real business utility: A summary of service-oriented architecture (SOA) could be based on this core statement. Having started as one of the biggest trends in IT, this paradigm was long discussed from a primarily technical perspective. The difficult economic circumstances of more recent times have since pushed the subject of SOA to the desks of the right people: operational departments and business managers.

The fields of SOA and business process management are growing together to achieve their common goal of flexible business process orchestration. During recessions, it’s hard to find affirmative managers. Carsten Linz, however, continues to exude enthusiasm for innovation-related topics. As head of the Center for SOA-/BPM-based Practices,his job is to grow SAP’s solution business based on SOA globally. “Innovation is a combination of invention and market success. New solutions often need first to find a problem to solve – their use case.

That’s why people have made SOA a topic of heated discussion; some have even written it off too early.However, more than 1,800 SAP customers across nearly every industry have since proven that SOA offers attainable added value,” Linz says.

You will find the whole interview in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

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